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On the Issues

There's a lot going on in Texas. See where Patrick stands.

Empower Small Businesses and Working Families 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for all of us, but our working families and small business owners were hit especially hard. We must prioritize rebuilding our economy with our working families and small business owners at the forefront of our recovery efforts. We also must emphasize job creation and growth to ensure a more sustainable economy for the years to come. 

Prioritize Healthcare and COVID-19 Recovery

Access to a quality, affordable healthcare is a human right and a matter of basic decency. With the highest uninsured population in the entire country, Texas is especially vulnerable to health risks, particularly COVID-19. We must expand access to high-quality healthcare across the state and country, and invest in widespread vaccine distribution to ensure a swift, equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Effective Leadership Strategies and Accountability

As citizens, we depend on our elected officials to display excellent leadership, particularly in the face of crisis. But that has been lost in recent years on all levels of government. We must hold our leaders accountable, and incorporate strategies to ensure that efficiency and transparency are top of mind.


Accelerate Public Investment and Infrastructure

When the power went out in below freezing temperatures, we all saw how catastrophic it can be when our Texas infrastructure is not prioritized. Even in the energy capital of the world, millions of Texans were without power for days. We must promote public investment, including improvements to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), to ensure that Texans are not left in the dark. 

Address the Climate Crisis 

Texans have a long, proud tradition of energy creation. Yet, in the energy capital of the world, millions of Texans were without power for days in below freezing temperatures. We must take action to assure that our energy grid is resilient and flexible to deal with extreme weather that may impact our state. We also must prioritize the creation of green jobs that will help our environment and bolster our economy, to ensure that every Texan, for generations to come, has access to clean air and clean water. 

Promote a Quality, Equitable Public Education

Our children are our future, and we must treat them like so. I will prioritize the delivery of a quality public education for every Texan that doesn’t discriminate based on zip code. Especially in a pandemic when so many have had to utilize distance learning, we also must fast-track internet adoption programs to support low-income students without access to distance learning tools at home.

Address Food Insecurities

There are nearly 30 million people who call Texas home. However, 1 in 7 of our fellow Texans experience some level of food insecurity, many of whom are already in our most vulnerable populations. We must develop and address public programs to help families leverage state-based resources, prioritize enrollment, and ensure vendors and locations are available to the Texans in need

There’s a lot going on in Texas and across the country, so if you have a question on a specific issue, please call me at (682) 422-9087 or email the campaign at